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Caring engineering manager

You are looking for your next big challenge and are eager to join a scaling startup. You want to find a workplace that will push you, help you grow, and rocket-boost your evolution as a manager.
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About us ❓

We're a Gothenburg based startup on a mission to bring power to the modern consumer to reach our vision of effortless banking in the subscription economy.

Founded in 2015, with partners such as Swedbank and Danske Bank, we are currently one of Europe's fastest growing FinTech companies. Our world-leading digital banking products help over 9 million people save time, money and effort.

Today, we employ 50+ of the most talented marketers, salespeople, and developers in Sweden.

We believe that culture fit and passion are as important as professional skills. We are in it for the long run and we spend time on ourselves while working on our products.

We’re in a crucial phase where we need to deliver high quality to large international organizations while keeping a fast pace.

Who you are 💕

You are looking for your next big challenge, you are eager to join a scaling startup that is as dynamic as you are and Minna Technologies could be the one for you. You want to find a workplace that will push you, help you grow, and rocket-boost your evolution as a manager. As a person, you’re humble, open-minded, prejudice-free, and embrace change. Other than that, you also tick these boxes:

  • 5+ years of proven management experience
  • 3+ years of software development experience
  • Proven ability to grow and evolve engineers to unlock their potential
  • Helped engineers deliver high-quality results on time in multiple products/projects
  • You constantly challenge and push for results
  • Servant-leadership mentality to a fault

A day as an Engineering Coach 📅

Instead of us trying to convey what the role entails, we’ll try showing it with an example of a particularly busy day as a coach at Minna:


  • 09:00-09:15
    • This is the time our teams have their standup, you choose to join a couple of them to gain more insight into your talents daily challenges
  • 09:15-10:00
    • You join the weekly community leadership session. At Minna we believe in leadership development and constantly help each other grow. In this session, leaders share problems and coach each other. You choose to share a situation with a talent you find particularly difficult and get great advice from your peers, leaving you feeling energized to tackle the problem. Then you coach two other managers that were struggling with situations you’ve successfully dealt with before.
  • 10:00-11:00
    • This is an open slot that you leave open because you want to always have time for your talents. Today, one of your international talents reached out to seek help to fill out their application for a Swedish personal number. Then one of the team drivers, our version of a team lead, shares a worry that one of your talents is underperforming. You then spent the rest of the hour investigating by looking at code reviews, Jira stories and talk to some of the talent’s peers.
  • 11:00-11:30
    • You have the first interview with a candidate, that we call the “Coffee date”. You’re meeting a potential talent for a Senior Frontend developer position.
  • 11:30-12:00
    • You decide to deliver the feedback to the underperforming talent right away. You gather your findings and together agree on an improvement plan with clear follow-ups.
  • 12:00-13:00
    • As you’re about to heat-up your lunch box, one of your talents with a tight deadline, kindly asks for your help to fix one last task before their release. You then proceed to pair program and coach them while eating your lunch.
  • 13:00-13:30
    • You have a Heart to Heart, one of the recurring meetings with your talents, where you both decide to walk and talk in the nice weather. You grew closer when your talent needed to ventilate that they don’t feel adequate as a parent.
  • 13:30-14:30
    • You blocked this slot for Management By Walking Around (MBWA), you managed to pass by 4 out of your 10 talents and learned about their most pressing challenges.
  • 14:30-15:00
    • You have a Career Map session with one of your talents. It’s Minna’s own impact-based career ladder. You discuss how this talent can work towards getting more knowledge about the company’s sales process.
  • 15:00-16:00
    • One of your talents started on a new story. You thought this was a great opportunity to learn more about the talent’s backend prowess, so you decide to spend an hour pair-programming.
  • 16:00-17:00
    • You and a fellow engineering manager have a session to discuss a new workshop that you’re going to hold. It’s about advanced debugging techniques, a skill you want to develop in the engineering community.
  • 17:00-17:30
    • You prepare for tomorrow’s TECH Tuesday where engineerings gather, eat lunch together, and share knowledge.
  • 17:30-18:00
    • You catch up on non-urgent Slack and email correspondences.
join us!

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Kungstorget 7
411 17 Gothenburg Directions 070 - 037 74 42

Our culture 🎉

Our family consists of highly talented individuals from all over the world. What unites us is our enthusiasm for shaping the future of FinTech.

At Minna, we believe that autonomy and collaboration is more important than hierarchy. We value a caring and equal workplace where you are allowed to grow while being yourself.

By joining our family you will have a lot of fun! Together we regularly organize board game nights, watch movies, play ping pong, engage in different outdoors activities, and travel together.

Already working at Minna Technologies?

Let’s recruit together and find your next colleague.

  • Akari Nishii
  • Anders Höckersten
  • Anna Hagberg
  • Anne-Sofie Sandager
  • Christoffer Pettersson
  • Christopher Svensson
  • Claudio Albano
  • Clobbe Norman
  • Dinika Saxena
  • Elise Karlsson

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